Disruptive concept

A unique concept, disruptive and precursor: the geolocation of values.

A favorable context with the rejection of the GAFAs and the effects of globalization, the questioning of policies, the mistrust of the diktat at all disposable, the fed up of food scandals, and financial, the awareness global waste with one part of the population growing and the other dying, the alarming finding that we are putting our planet at risk and de facto the human race and all other living beings on earth ...

A micro community of Afrikaans supports the initiative and its founder, Christian, in this reframing of values.

A unifying vision that corresponds to a deep and natural desire to consume according to its values.

Collaborative tool

Collaborative tool, AFRISIA allows each consumer to locate the companies TPE-SME who share its values ​​and thus fund the professionals of its community of values. It offers everyone the opportunity to regain control of their consumption.

Revolted Founders and Actors

Christian Kamtchueng started his career in finance and the investment bank was gifted in mathematics.

After a master's degree in mathematics and computer science, he studied the probabilities applied in a master Paris 6 and Polytechnic.

He is the author of the Manifesto of Objective Reason.

Revolted Founders and Actors

Jean Jacques Ngono, M & A specialist, is responsible for the development of AFRISIA Africa.

In addition, he co-founded FINERGREEN AFRICA.

FINERGREEN is a financial engineering firm specializing in renewable energy and energy efficiency projects in Europe (France, Italy), Africa (Ivory Coast) and Asia (Singapore). He assists his clients in the financial structuring of their projects and raises funds from financial institutions and also seeks strategic partnerships for the success of operations.