Conscious consumers

Search companies by activity / value / geolocation.

My actions, my power

The latest version integrates an active / passive geolocation so that you are always informed about the Afrisian businesses you are passing by.

It includes a `` I am / consume`` button that shares with the user community.

The possibility of proposing new values, or businesses, so that they have more visibility is simplified

Become afrisian

Define and record the values ​​of your company - maximum 5 - and profile, description, visual to maintain control of its communication, its image, its brand.

To be referenced on the AFRISIA platform according to 3 criteria: the values ​​of the company - up to 5 values ​​-, its activity and geolocation l

Be accompanied in the digital transition with visibility tools ranging from the application but also the Afrisia community developers: press, post blog and social networks, interviews, videos ...

Be easily and quickly identified by targeted value communities which is normally long, difficult and costly when the company has to do it itself.

Have immediate access to the implicit community - the one that the professional wants to target because it corresponds to its displayed values.

Offer two types of packages:

- Classic package: possibility to put a website, create an e-commerce page, a fixed link or a changeable link each month - 12 changes per year is 1 / month-, a phone number and a buy or order button.