Professionals engaged

A company arbitrarily associated by a consumer with one or more values ​​may request either to become an Afrisian company or to be removed from the list of AFRISIA professionals.

Get consumer information via formatted questions, a rating system with comments. Below 6/10, the comment is mandatory, so that the professional knows what to improve.

Have the opportunity to organize events, physical meetings via trade shows, fairs, ephemeral shops and Meet-Up associated with values, which allows entrepreneurs to earn points.

Benefit from a scoring system according to 3 axes:

  • - The match between the values ​​and information displayed on their profile and the perception of the customer.
  • - The dynamism of the entrepreneur for the community and especially in terms of organization of events.
  • - the reductions granted to Afri- can consumers, between a minimum of 10% and a maximum of 20%, in order to avoid the war on prices, destructive of margins and / or quality and business.

This multi-rating allows to elect every 3 months "the Afrikaan company" of the quarter.

Have the opportunity to run ads - 1 campaign per day -: on the homepage, sponsored communication is displayed first when a consumer in the same community of values ​​issues a request.

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